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Request for Library Privileges

   by UF Affiliates (Including retired faculty and staff, Oak Hall Residents, and President's Council)

This request is for the library to grant borrowing privileges.
Requests will be reviewed by the Library Administration. Please allow 1 business day for processing.
Borrower's Information:
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UF-ID An UF-ID number is required.A Name is required.
Gator-1 Library ID Number A Library ID Number is required. A Name is required.

Verification Number
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Mailing Address

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PLEASE NOTE: Interlibrary Loan services, remote access to UF proprietary databases, and use of certain materials are restricted to current UF students, faculty, and staff.

Activation of library privileges is contingent upon satisfactory verification of status at the University of Florida and will generally be processed in one business day.

For further information on library policies for Retired Faculty and Staff, President's Council Members and Oak Hammock residents please visit:


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