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MSL Carrel Application Form

Study carrels at Marston are for graduate students in the sciences ONLY.

Carrel Rules

  1. The carrel loan period is for the entire school year, up to the beginning of the next fall semester. Carrels are automatically renewed each semester. However, carrel keys must be returned by the end of next summer at the latest. You will receive an email notification at that time reminding you to return your key if you have not already done so. You may also return your key at any time before the due date.
  2. The library is not responsible for items inside your study carrel. Please do not leave valuable or personal belongings. The security of the study space is not guaranteed, and belonging can be stolen or damaged.
  3. All library materials stored in your carrel MUST be checked out to you. You may not store food or drinks on your carrel. Carrels are checked periodically by library staff, and if you violate this rule, your carrel privileges will be revoked.
  4. DO NOT lose your key. The fee for a lost key is $10, and if you fail to return your key when your loan period is up, you may be assessed a $50 lock replacement fee.
  5. Study carrels at Marston are for graduate students in the sciences ONLY. If your department is in arts, humanities, or health science, please refer to your corresponding library.
  6. You may only apply for a carrel ONE TIME. Submitting multiple applications will not increase your chances of being assigned a carrel.
  7. Please allow at least TWO WEEKS for your carrel to be assigned. Many carrel applications are received at once, and only one library staff member can process them. You will be notified by email if you receive a carrel.
  8. Carrel locations are assigned randomly. There can be no switching of carrels. Once your carrel is assigned, that is the one you must use.
  9. If you have any questions regarding carrels and their use, or if you have any problems with the lock or door of a carrel you have been assigned, please feel free to contact us at
I have read the rules listed above and agree and understood them.