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Smathers Libraries Career Development Handbook

II. C. 3. Third Criterion:  Service to the Library, the University, the State, and the Profession.
Standard: Distinction must be attained in either the second criterion or the third criterion. If distinction is attained in the third criterion and not the second criterion, performance in the second criterion must be strong, but not necessarily distinguished.
Active participation, substantial contribution, and demonstrated leadership are highly valued in service to the Library, the University, the State, and the Profession and should be fully documented through an individual faculty member’s annual activity report.  Faculty is encouraged to bring their professional expertise, collaborative skills, and problem-solving abilities into each service activity. Strong service enhances the reputation of the Library and creates bridges to entities and individuals outside the Library. Examples of the four areas covered by the third criterion are as follows:

  1. Service to the Library
  • Participates  on Library task forces or committees
  • Fulfills  a leadership role in Library Faculty Assembly or other committees
  • Regularly engages  in discussion of Library strategic planning and goal setting
  • Demonstrates involvement in library projects that are outside the area of professional responsibility
  • Service to the University
  • Serves as member on University committees
  • Teaches (or provides instructional assistance in) a credit-bearing course that is outside of assigned responsibilities
  • Volunteers for University-wide programs that promote the mission of the library or the University
      • Service to the State
  • Participates  on SUL-wide committees
  • Serves in leadership positions within the Florida Library Association or the Florida Health Sciences Library Association, etc.
  • Participates as a member in the Florida chapter of ACRL or other Florida library organizations


  • Service to the Profession
    • Participates on committees within national or international library organizations or in organizations representing the  professional expertise of the nominee
    • Provides  formal consultations or presentations at the invitation of entities outside the University
    • Serves in a leadership role in a national or international  library organization



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