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Dr. Rachel A. Schipper
Associate Dean
Technology & Support Services
George A. Smathers Libraries
University of Florida
P.O. Box 117000
Gainesville, FL 32611-7000

Telephone: (352) 273-2505
Fax: (352) 392-7251

Technical Services Accomplishments 2006-2007 

Technical Services Division initiated several projects this year that relied on collaborative relationships with other divisions.  The division reorganized into a unit consisting of three departments: Cataloging & Metadata, Acquisitions & Licensing, and Preservation.  Within the three departments organizational shifts were also made improving workflow to better integrate Aleph 18 and other technology into operations.  The division remains flexible in its approach to adjusting workflow as technical improvements can be implemented and collaboration with other departments in the library system offer opportunities for improved service.

Materials Budget

During this fiscal year, the UF Administration base allocation for the materials budget, $6,577,676.00, received a permanent increase of $750,000 from the University of Florida Administration to bring the base total to $7,327,676.00.  New funds from the Division of Sponsored Research received for 2006/2007 brought the final Library materials budget to the grand total of $8,177,673.00. 


Preservation Department began retrospective scanning of thesis and dissertations project, which will make research material produced after 2000 readily accessible to patrons.

Preservation Department created a video “Book Care: It’s in Your Hands” to educate patrons about the care and handling of library materials

Cataloging & Metadata Department provided guidance and technical support for incorporating Harn Museum Bishop Study Center as a new satellite collection.


Preservation Department participated in establishing Disaster Plans for the Libraries. 

The Domestic Approval Plan Review Task Force was established to review the domestic approval plan vendor services.  The Task Force will make a recommendation to the Directors by the end of 2007.

TS redefined and renamed two key serials committees.  A-Team became the Print Media Management Committee and is lead by co-chairs, Bobby Parker and Raimonda Margjoni.  Continuing Resources Policy Committee became the Electronic Resources Management Committee lead by Doug Kiker and Steve Carrico. 

Disbanded the Library West Collection Preparation Committee because their work was completed with the opening of Library West in the summer 2006.

Strategic Collections

Electronic resources continued to expand the subject areas in the collection as well as expending the majority of the budget.  In 2006/2007 electronic resources consumed approximately 53% of the budget, up 4% from last year. Electronic monographs have decreased from 11,052 to only 3,335 this year showing the trend of unbundling publish package purchases for this format.  UF appears to be purchasing individual digital book titles and smaller package deals.    

Expenditures for print monographs show continued signs of decreasing -- less than 20% of the budget in 2004/2005 to only 17% of the budget for 2005/2006.

Continued to build access to acquired digital resources through record loading into the Aleph catalog for electronic books and monographic collections:

  • Books 24x7 = 1,548 new titles;
  • History E-Books = 347 new titles;                
  • Gale = 32 new titles;
  • Greenwood Publisher=7 new titles;
  • Knovel = 1,010 new titles;
  • netLibrary = 2 new titles

Continued to load Serials Solution catalog records for electronic journals into Aleph catalog, cumulating 44,670 URL links to electronic journals available through library funding.

Cataloging and Metadata Department cataloged 316 e-resources Baldwin records for inclusion in PALMM.  The department also collaborated with Access Services to streamline the “online request form” for rush requests and expand the number of IPS on which holds may be placed. 

Electronic resources continue to grow in importance in the University of Florida Collections.  Expenditures for electronic resource purchases have increased steadily; during this fiscal year the spending trend increased 4.21% from the previous fiscal year, consuming 53.48% of the 2006/2007 materials budget as compared with 49.27% expended in 2005/2006. The increased expenditures reflect the movement to all electronic access for major publisher serials packages.  In 2007, the print serials in Blackwell Synergy package were cancelled and electronic only access was put in place. The list of electronic access only publisher packages includes: Wiley, Kluwer, Springer, Elsevier, Oxford, Cambridge and now Blackwell Synergy.  With each addition to this list the expenditures for print subscription declines each year.

Binding expenditures and numbers of monograph volumes increased by 41% this fiscal year.  This is a complete turn-around of the trends of the last five years.  On the other hand, periodical binding saw a decline after two years of increases - decreased by 16% this year. The current periodicals were housed in Library East close to the Preservation Department and may have contributed to more time spent on monitoring binding gathering. However, monograph binding decreased this year, which may be a result of the collection being located in storage.  Binding staff contributed to increased accuracy of the current periodical holdings, correcting Aleph coding to reflect correct volumes in the collection.  Staff also worked on correcting the sort of item records for titles located throughout the collections in order that items would display to the patron in the correct order.

Gifts Unit arranged the logistics and receipt of notable gifts in 2006/07: Egolf Children’s Books collection (3,000 items); Jim Haskin’s manuscripts and papers (33 boxes); Michael Holloway gift of Spindlewood Press books (102 books); Brother’s film collection appraised at 6million. In addition through gift receipts, the unit added 5,944 monographs, 643 serials and 48 assorted materials into the Library’s collections. 

Conservation staff supported a number of projects related to Special Collections:

• Trained and supervised conservation work of two Special Collections interns working on the Florida History Collection projects.

 • Worked with Joel Bucannan to examine the house and resource materials of A.Q. Jones which were given to the library.  Assisted with exhibition planning and set-up of the materials acquired.

• Worked with Jim Cusack and Robert Shaddy to evaluate a collection of water colors transferred to the Florida History Collection from the Harn Museum.

 • Worked with Special Collections to acquire, inspect and review the Cunningham Funeral Home documents.  Boxed over 40 items from this gift before adding to the collection.

Process Improvements

EDI invoicing continues in the Serials Unit for annual renewals with EBSCO, Harrassowitz, and Swets periodical vendors.  EDI invoicing for monographs is in the testing phase for volumes received from Harrassowitz and YBP; testing will include Blackwell in the near future.  Complete implementation for monograph EDI loading is expected in fiscal year 2008.  

The Monographs Unit assumed the shelf ready standing orders operations.  The unit successfully manages the receipts from Blackwell and now Coutts.  Last year the Serials Unit redirected to Coutts (book vendor) blanket orders and identified standing orders received previously direct from the publishers. It has taken some time to get the shelf ready processing routine established with Coutts but the material is now arriving with call number labels and PromptCAt records, which the unit now loads instead of the Authorities and Metadata Unit in CatMet.   

Original cataloging continued to increase its annual production with a 24% overall increase compared to the 21.5% increase in 2006.  Copy cataloging remains on a decline because of the added PromptCat and shelf ready services for standing orders and blanket orders; copy cataloging declined by 38%. CONSER overall contributions increased by 13% over an 88%increase reported in 2006.  The significant gains are noted for full-level record creation and authentication as well as maintenance of both CONSER and non-CONSER records.  The NACO contributions declined by 4% for 2007 and BIBCO contributions declined by 30% for this fiscal year.

During this year, the Smathers Bookstore earned $6,208.78 in sales and the Bookstore staff sold 158 books online to net $5,208.00.  The total bookstore profit $11,416.78 shows a decline in sales from last year and reflects the effect that reopening of Library West might have had on the traffic in the store and the move to using one bookseller Web site for the online sales.