Recently Processed, Expanded or Revised Collections

The following collections in the Special and Area Studies Department have been recently processed, expanded or revised at the University of Florida.

University of Florida IFAS Research Records, 1989-2005 (significantly expanded and newly revised finding aid)
Series 90 contains the administrative records of the University of Florida Dean for Research (previously designated Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station prior to 1968), Research and Education Center (REC) records, and department records.

University of Florida IFAS International Programs Records, 1953-1990
Records of the University of Florida IFAS International Programs Director Dr. Hugh L. Popenoe, including subject files and records related to Title XII of the Foreign Assistance Act and the Board of International Food and Development (BIFD).

Department of Materials Science and Engineering Records, 1962-2011
Collection contains information on the University of Florida’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE), including reports to advisory boards, administrative correspondence, and departmental publications.

University of Florida Department of Chemistry Records, 1956-1994 (Bulk: 1956-1965) (significantly expanded and newly revised finding aid)
Administrative and professional correspondence of Harry Hal Sisler, head of the University of Florida Dept. of Chemistry from 1956 to 1968, for the years 1956-1965.

James L. Wattenbarger Papers, 1936-2008
Collection contains scrapbooks presented to James L. Wattenbarger on the history of Florida’s Community Colleges, on his receipt of the 1987 Leadership award from the Association of American Community and Junior Colleges, and in tribute of his career. Also includes publications by Wattenbarger that demonstrate his outline for creating the modern community college system in Florida.

Florida Peace Movement Collection, 1979-2006
This collection preserves audiovisual, photographic, and written documentation of the activism of Martina and John Linnehan to oppose deployment of nuclear armaments and support peace and environmental movements, centered mostly on Florida and Georgia.

1920s Florida and Cuba Tourist Photos, 1920-1929
58 Photographs of Florida landmarks taken on a trip through Florida to Cuba. Examples include Jacksonville, Miami, Palm Beach, and Havana.

Melvin and Pauline Valk Papers, 1825-2012 (Bulk: 1911-2012)
Correspondence, academic writings, family histories, diaries, postcards, photographs, and other papers produced by former UF Professor, Melvin Valk and his wife Pauline.

John T. Foster, Jr. and Sarah Whitmer Foster Collection, 1866-1998
A collection of research materials and original source materials collected and preserved by John T. Foster Jr. and Sarah Whitmer Foster, especially pertaining to their work on Reconstruction-era Florida and northeast Florida in the 19th century.

La Impresora Fine Press, Chapbook, Zine and Poster Collection / Guía de la Colección de impresiones de alta calidad, chapbooks, zines y carteles publicados por La Impresora, 2015-2021 (Bulk: 2019-2020)
Collection of Puerto Rican fine press, posters, and zines published by La Impresora. The collection contains poems and illustrations from 39 authors. It includes topics related to migration, emotions, the LGBTQ+ community, pop culture, language, food, politics, nature, colonialism, family, economic crises, social justice, freedom, Hurricane Maria, and Puerto Rican literature.

La colección contiene impresiones de alta calidad, carteles y zines publicados por La Impresora. La colección contiene poemas e ilustraciones de 39 autores. Incluye temas relacionados a la migración, las emociones, la comunidad LGBTQ+, la cultura popular, el lenguaje, la comida, la política, la naturaleza, el colonialismo, la familia, las crisis económicas, la justica social, la libertad, el huracán María y la literatura puertorriqueña.

Mexican Tourism Collection / Guía de la Colección del turismo en México, 1904-1962 (significantly expanded and newly revised finding aid)
Maps and brochures to promote tourism in Mexico from Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), Mexicana Airlines, Barbachano’s Travel Service, National Railways of Mexico, Dirección General de Turismo, Yucatan Trails Travel Agency, American Airlines System, various hotels in Mexico, Illinois Central Railway, Simpsons Tours, and United Air Lines.

La colección contiene mapas y folletos de diferentes agencias de viajes, hoteles y una compañía petrolera para promover el turismo en México. Entre estas se encuentran: Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), Mexicana Airlines, Barbachano’s Travel Service, National Railways of Mexico, Dirección General de Turismo, Yucatan Trails Travel Agency, American Airlines System, varios hoteles de México, Illinois Central Railway, Simpsons Tours y United Air Lines.

Twentieth-Century Cuban Documents Collection, 1923-1997 (significantly expanded and newly revised finding aid)
The collection contains photographs, newsletters, booklets, flyers, brochures, Cuban pesos, and documents on topics related to politics, economy, military, tourism, education, the 26th of July Movement, Fidel Castro’s supporters, and communism during the 20th Century in Cuba.

Frederic Stresau Landscape Architecture Drawings, 1954-2002
Landscape architecture drawings produced by Florida landscape architect Frederic Barnes Stresau.

Chinese Indentured Workers in Cuba Contracts / Guía de la Colección de los contratos de trabajadores chinos en Cuba, 1861-1878 (Bulk: 1968) (significantly expanded and newly revised finding aid)
The collection houses 52 Cuban contracts spanning from 1861 to 1878 for Chinese indentured workers. The collection also includes one identification card of an enslaved man from Macau, China, and two lists of Chinese laborers sent from China to Cuba. The contracts hail from different parts of Cuba and include personal information about the workers as well as information regarding the conditions of the contract and special provisions. This collection offers a glimpse into the changing nature of labor in Cuba in the 1860s and surrounding years.

La colección incluye 30 contratos de trabajadores chinos emitidos en Cuba durante los años 1861 a 1878. Los contratos provienen de distintas partes de Cuba e incluyen información personal de los trabajadores, así como las condiciones y las diferentes estipulaciones del contrato. La colección también incluye una tarjeta de identificación de un esclavo proveniente de Macau, China y dos listas de

trabajadores enviados desde China a Cuba. Esta colección muestra el desarrollo de la mano de obra en Cuba en las últimas décadas del siglo XIX.