Copy, Print and Scan

We offer regular printing, copying and scanning at all our branches, poster (plotter) printing, 3D printing and 3D scanning at select locations.

Printing options

Printer Type Cost Location
Black & White Laser$0.08 ($0.16 if printing Two Sided)AFA, Education, HSC, Smathers, West and MSL
Color Laser$0.75AFA, HSCL, Library West (3rd Floor) and MSL
Poster (Large Format Plotter)$3.00/linear footMSL

Print now, pay later!

Printing fees are charged to your Gatorlink account. You will be e-billed at the end of the month under ‘miscellaneous’ charges for Academic Technology printing. These charges will show up on your Student Financials account in MyUFL.

How do I check my charges?

To view your charges, visit and navigate to “My Campus Finances”.

Want to print from your laptop or mobile device?

Visit Choose your printing method (upload file, web print, email print, driver print). Walk to the print release station and release your job. Pay any charges via MyUFL.

How to print from a library computer

  1. Select ‘Print’ from your application (Word, email, browser, etc.)
  2. Choose the type of printer you want to use:
    Image shows list of available printers
  3. Go to the print release station, enter your Gatorlink username and password to release your job.
  4. Pay any charges through MyUFL.

Refund policy and FAQ

Please see the UF Academic Technology ‘Refund Printing’ and FAQ pages.


All branches have a scanning option for guest users (anyone who is not a current UF faculty, staff or student). Please visit any service desk for more information.

Poster (Plotter) Printing

Available at the Marston Science Library.

3D Printing

Available at the Marston Science Library.

3D Scanning

Available at the Marston Science Library and the Architecture & Fine Arts Library.


We have wheelchair accessible KIC Bookeye scanners and flatbed scanners available. A KIC Bookeye Scanner is a digitize-on-demand system for books, magazines, and journals.

VGStudio Max

VGStudio Max, a software package for editing CT scan data is available on workstations at Marston Science Library and the Health Science Center Library.