Study & Testing Spaces

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The UF Libraries offers rooms for group study at branches across campus. These study spaces can be reserved in advance for groups of two or more.

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Additional study room options may be available at the UF Legal Information Center. Contact them for additional information.

Rules for reserving and using study rooms may vary by library. Before booking a room at a library, please review their study room policy page:

Online Test Proctoring Reservations

Health Science Center Library

Individual study rooms can be used for proctored tests, particularly those with webcams installed. For more information, please visit their study room page.

Library West

There are 10 Test Proctoring Booths located on the southwest-side of the 2nd floor of Library West. For more information, please visit their Proctored Online Testing Booths page.

Study Rooms & Study Areas

Library West

General study areas

  • Some talking and quiet group study/discussion sessions allowed but please take all phone conversations outside or in the stairwells.
  • First, second, and third floors.

Quiet individual study areas

  • Fourth floor
  • Sixth floor
    The 6th floor is reserved for enrolled UF graduate students (does not include undergraduate or post-baccalaureate students taking graduate-level courses).
    Graduate students must register at the 2nd floor Circulation Desk to have their Gator1 card activated for elevator access to the 6th floor space. More information on Graduate Floor access.

Group Study Rooms

  • The Library West Study Rooms are intended for group study, and patrons are not permitted to reserve them for the purpose of studying alone or taking an exam.
  • Eighteen group study rooms provide space for collaborative work for groups of two or more students.
    Six of these rooms have large, flat-screen monitors.
    Group study rooms may be reserved online for 2 hour blocks of time, up to 10 days in advance.
  • Reserve a room

Marston Science Library

All of the spaces in Marston

For complete policies and conduct code, see the MSL Study Room Policies.

Group study and discussion areas.

  • First floor (Collaboration Commons)
  • Second floor (Reference Area)
  • Third floor

Silent individual study area.

  • Fourth floor
  • Fifth Floor

Architecture and Fine Arts Library

General study areas, some talking allowed.

  • Throughout the library.

Education Library

Group study and discussion areas

  • First floor: 3 study rooms
  • Second floor: 4 study rooms

General study areas, some talking allowed

  • First floor

Silent individual study area

  • Second floor

Smathers Library

General study areas, some talking allowed

  • First floor (Map & Imagery Library)
  • Third floor (Latin American and Caribbean Collection)

Silent individual study area

  • First floor (Albert H. Nahmad Panama Canal Gallery)
  • Second floor (Special & Area Studies Collections, special restrictions apply)

Health Science Center Library

Reservations for eighteen HSC Library study rooms are now online and unmediated. Students can make reservations with their smartphones and bypass the circulation desk. Study room reservation info and policies.