Inclusive Spaces

Gender-Inclusive Bathrooms

Library West

Two single-occupancy gender-inclusive bathrooms are available on the second floor of Library West, Rooms 244 and 245, down the hallway near the southwest corner stairwell and behind the New Books Wall.

Map of gender-inclusive and gendered single stall restrooms at UF

Lactation Spaces

The UF Libraries provide dedicated spaces in Library West, Marston Science Library, the Education Library and the Health Science Center Library for individuals needing private nursing and pumping space. The rooms are equipped with comfortable seating, a table, a sink and ample electrical outlets. Please note that pumps, storage and refrigeration are not available.

All are open to all students, staff and faculty. In order to use the space, you may check out the key using a Gator1 Card at the associated Service Desk. The Mamava Breastfeeding pod at the Health Science Center Library is open.

Education Library – Located on the first floor of the Education Library, Room 1512.

Library West – Located on the second floor of Library West, Room 246, down the hallway near the southwest corner stairwell and behind the New Books Wall. A diaper changing table is also available in the adjacent gender-inclusive bathroom. Ask for the key at the 2nd Floor Circulation Desk.

Marston Science Library – Located on the third floor of the Marston Science Library, Room 307.

Health Science Center Library – Mamava Lactation Pod located on the 2nd Floor of the Communicore Building. As you step out of the elevator turn right into the hallway, and the Mamava Pod is on your left.

UF campus lactation rooms

For a list of all lactation rooms at UF, select Wellness – Lactation Rooms on the Campus Map.

Additional information in the UF HR Policies on Breastfeeding in the Workplace.

Sensory friendly spaces

Architecture & Fine Arts Library – AFA in general is a quiet space.

Health Science Center Library – Two Energy Pods on the 2nd floor of the library. Energy Pods feature a privacy visor, built in speaker and music, and a gentle wake sequence of programmed lights and vibrations. There are also individual study rooms available for checkout and a small aquarium opposite the Information Desk on the 1st floor.

Library West – 4th floor is a designated quiet space.

Marston Science Library – 4th and 5th floors at Marston are designated as silent study spaces. There is a small aquarium in front of the elevators on the 3rd floor.