The University of Florida Libraries provide access to thousands of streaming video titles. See the links below for access to subscribed titles, or search Primo for access to many other individual titles.

Academic Video Online (AVON) – Academic Video Online provides access to thousands of interdisciplinary streaming video titles.

Digital Theatre Plus – Provides online access to a digital streaming video collection of unique films of current, leading British theatre productions. Includes behind-the-scenes documentaries as well as teaching and learning resources to facilitate a deeper understanding of the productions and texts. Learning resources include a detailed introduction, plot summary, character biographies, a relationship map, language analysis, scene study, performance background and historical context for each play. Updates vary.

Digitalia Film Library – A multilingual streaming video collection. The focus is Romance languages in general and Spanish in particular: it is the most complete collection from South and Central America. Titles in foreign languages have English subtitles available. The content mix is 35% documentaries and 65% feature films.

Films on Demand – Provides immediate access to streaming videos from a variety of distributors.

JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments) – Used for research, teaching and learning, JoVE contains video articles in Chemistry, Biology, Neuroscience, Immunology & Infection, and Medicine.

Search Primo for individual titles at UF.

Swank Digital Campus – Provides access to feature films and documentaries. Swank films are available for class use but do not have public performance rights.